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British Beekeepers Association
12th April 2017

Two live Asian Hornets found on Channel Islands

Live Asian Hornets have been found in the past few days on the Channel Island of Jersey. The first was discovered alive in a house at Anne Port on Monday 3rd of April. The second has just been reported as having been trapped alive in a Thorne Bee Trap on Mont Bingham.

The islands’ chief entomologist, John Pinel told the Jersey Evening Post that the first hornet was likely to have arrived in Jersey last year after flying over from France.

As only fertilised Queens survive the winter in hibernation, both the trapped hornets are likely to be Queens looking for supplies to begin setting up a new nest. More traps are now being set up on the island.

We have just had confirmation that the Asian Hornet found at the warehouse distribution centre in the midbelt of Scotland was also alive when found.

It’s clear that beekeepers must remain vigilant and put up traps especially in the areas of Gloucestershire and Somerset where Asian Hornets were found last year.

The free UK government smartphone app Asian Hornet Watch records a GPS location for any reported sighting and makes sure that the relevant bee inspectors are informed.

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is asking all beekeepers to report any findings not just on the official app but also to tell their local associations so they can be properly prepared.

The Asian hornet is darker in appearance than their European counterparts and poses a serious threat to the honeybee population. -endsNotes to Editor There are 76 local associations in the BBKA representing 25,000 members

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