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British Beekeepers Association
2nd September 2016

Asian Hornet nest found in Tetbury and destroyed

A nest of asian hornets has been found at the top of a tall tree in Tetbury in Gloucestershire and destroyed. However continued vigilance for the presence of Asian hornets elsewhere is still advised.

Asian Hornet Update Number 3 01/10/2016 The following has been received from the National Bee Unit on 01/10/2016. We recommend you give it your close attention and continue to remain on alert for any potential sightings of Asian hornets An Asian hornet nest has been located and destroyed by experts in the Tetbury area of Gloucestershire. The nest was found at the top of a 55 foot tall conifer tree. Inspectors from the National Bee Unit are continuing to monitor the area for Asian hornets alongside local beekeepers. However to date, no live hornets have been seen since the nest was removed. We urge anyone to report suspect Asian hornet sightings sightings to Further guidance on the Asian hornet can be found on the Asian hornet pages of Beebase where you will find a very useful Asian hornet ID sheet sheet and Asian hornet poster which is available for identification purposes. Please continue to monitor your own apiaries using hornet traps and encourage those whom you know are not registered on our database to sign up. Sign up at: ​ For further information and interviews: Please contact: Diane Roberts BBKA press officer 07841-625797