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British Beekeepers Association
18th October 2017

Baby Seal Reunited with Mother at High Tide

Baby seal that beekeepers found on a beach in Anglesey was reunited with its mother late last night at high tide.

Beekeepers checking their hives after Storm Ophelia Beekeepers checking their hives near the beach after Storm Ophelia battered Anglesey with winds of more than 80 miles per hour for more than 5 hours heard distressed calls from a baby seal. 

The seal had been thrown far up the beach by the winds and was trapped behind large rocks. 
An RSPCA marine mammal vet from Anglesey Sea Zoo was called to check the seal over and an anxious watch was kept for signs of the seal's Mum. The vet said the baby was fit as a fiddle and just missing his mother. 
The decision was made to wait for high tide at 10pm to try to bring the two of them together. 
The baby seal was placed in a sling and helped over the rocks and into the water where his anxious mum was waiting. 
This morning they have been seen together in the bay but many other baby seals on Anglesey and the LLyn Peninsula died in the storm. 
it was a long, soaking day for the beekeepers but luckily all their hives had stayed intact during Ophelia.