British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association
19th July 2017

British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) has awarded its first School Membership to Calderstones School in Liverpool

The BBKA has launched its new Schools Membership scheme by presenting the headmaster at Calderstones School in Liverpool with the first certificate of membership. BBKA Chairman, Margaret Murdin, also assessed 6 pupils at the school for their Junior Certificate in Beekeeping.

The pupils aged from 11-16 are: Jamie McLoughlin, Natalie Philips, Cameron Wallace, Rebecca Christopherson, Louis Thompson and William Fitzgerald. 

Their teacher, Emma Burnet-Jones, is a beekeper with the BBKA and has been keen to introducer her pupils to the ancient craft. She has sited some of her own hives in the schools meadow for the children to practice on. 

Under the new Schools Membership, Calderstones gets insurance for up to 5 hives, training materials, copy of BBKA News and free entry to the Junior Certificate for their pupils. 

The test involves keeping a bee diary about their experience and knowledge of honeybees and doing a creative project about them as well. 

Rebecca and Natalie chose to do paintings about bees and beekeeping. 

The pupils have already extracted more than 60 pounds of honey from the hives and made a profit of £181 for the schools bee fund. 

Schools wishing to know more about the BBKA Schools Membership should contact General Manager Leigh Sidaway: