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British Beekeepers Association
13th July 2017

International Meeting of Young Beekeepers will be on BBC Countryfile

The International Meeting of Young Beekeepers (IMYB) at Marlborough College in Wiltshire has been filmed by the team at BBC Countryfile. It’s the first time the competition has been held in England and will be part of a programme devoted to the wonderful county of Wiltshire.

A five person BBC team arrived on the field where the meeting apiary was set up early on Friday 7th July. Presenter Anita Rani met the England Team Manager, Serena Watts, and our 3 competitors, May Smith, Younis Bashir and Sarah Bush. They would be competing in mixed teams with youngsters from the 18 other countries that included India, Lebanon and Russia. Sequences were shot with the whole crew suited up with the exception of a very calm sound man. The tests with live bees included making a nuc, marking drones, checking bees for diseases and grafting larvae for Queen rearing. Students also did classroom based stuff like working out which flower bees had collected nectar from by tasting honey, making frames and an anatomy quiz. Skep making was also featured. Simon Cavill BBKA Trustee and England Team Manager said: “The event was a fantastic success which drew universal praise from the participants of the 19 countries including Russia and India. In fact, it was rated as the “best ever” by Dr Juri Piza who created the event in 2010. Marlborough College and their facilities were immaculate and their staff could not have been more helpful.” The Wiltshire edition of BBC Countryfile is due to go out on Sunday 23rd of July. The TV Times was also there so look out for a feature on Anita at the IMYB in next week’s edition. -ends

Notes to Editor. The IMYB started in 2010 in response to the recognition that beekeepers were ageing and beekeeping associations needed to attract more youngsters. There are 76 local associations in the BBKA representing 25,000 members For further information and interviews: Please contact: Diane Roberts BBKA press officer 07841625797