British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association
8th January 2018

M.A.D. About Bees - Theory course - 6 Weeks - 8 January 2018 - Maldon and Dengie Beekeepers

Date: Monday 8 January 2018 - Venue: Maldon and Dengie Beekeepers, OAKHouse, High Street, Maldon, CM9 5PR - Duration: 6 Days

Dates are: 8 Jan, 15 Jan, 22 Jan, 29 Jan, 5 Feb, 12 Feb

Practical date is: 29 April

Venue: Theory - OAKHouse, High Street, Maldon CM9 5PR
Venue: Practical - Ulting CM9 6QX

This is a 6 week beekeeping theory course covering:

keeping bees; the colony; origins of bees; history of bees; beekeeping year; swarms; queen rearing; health and hygiene; pest control; diseases; pollination; products of the hive; selling honey and getting started. 

A full days practical will put all your theory into practice and will include practical identification of workers, drones and the queen (if you're lucky) as well as learning to identify drone and worker brood, along with eggs and larvae. You will also be taught how to mark a queen, how to handle frames and practice on a number of different types of hives.

Cost: 85.00

Please email for more information if required - Email: