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Possible UK Derogation on the use of a neonicotinoid on oil seed rape

To BBKA Members:

You may have read in the press or been contacted and requested to sign a petition concerning an application made by Syngenta to obtain derogation from the UK government to enable them to use their active substance (thiamethoxam) on oil seed rape. This had been reported as the UK government seeking to break the EU wide ban on the use of neonicotinoids.

We understand that the company made an application for a limited use of the product because of problems in the control of flea beetle on oil seed rape. Flea beetle is also resistant to pyrethroid insecticides which are an alternative choice to neonicotinoids for the control of flea beetle.

In order to obtain the derogation the company has to go through the specified regulatory process including the Chemicals Regulations Directorate, the Advisory Committee on Pesticides before Ministers consider granting permission.

We do not know the precise nature of the derogation being sought (for example it may be for limited geographical areas or there may be additional product stewardship requirements to be met).

We understand a number of other EU countries either have already granted derogations or are considering applications for derogation.

We will communicate further information as soon as we receive it.

David Aston

Chair BBKA Technical and Environmental Committee

26 June 2014

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Press Release

Honey bee colony winter survival rate greatly improves

The 2013/14 winter was kinder to bees but losses at 10% were still double what they should be.

The results of the BBKA winter survival survey published today show that the honey bee colony survival rate in England over this last winter has improved greatly. Overall, honey bee colony losses were one in ten compared with losses of more than one in three over the bad winter of 2012/2013.