British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association
17th February 2017

The Basics of Beekeeping - Evening Beginners - Mantel Farm Training

Venue - Catsfield, East Sussex, TN33 9BN Date - 17th February 2017 Duration - Half a day

An evening talk discussing beekeeping today, what you need to know if you are just thinking about keeping bees; the apiary set up, equipment needed, hive management and honey.

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Learning the art of beekeeping is a fascinating past-time, but beware it can become addictive from the very first time you open a hive and peer inside! It is an interest that can just keep growing, as you begin to understand more and more about how these little insects work as an incredible and complex colony there is endless knowledge to gain. Bees are under threat and need our help to survive, by understanding the behaviour and instincts of the honey bee along with their needs and the problems they are encountering you can help a vital part of our environment.

Cost - £68

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Booking Phone number - 01424 830357