BBKA 2020 Spring Convention

This is the main information page for the BBKA Spring Convention 2020. It contains information about the trade show, accommodation, and workshops and lectures. The Spring Convention is the Beekeeping Event of the Year! Read more

BBKA 2020 Spring Convention FAQ

The BBKA Spring Convention in 2020 will be 3rd – 5th April 2020. To find out more read these frequently asked questions. Read more

BeeBase - NBU registration scheme

Why all beekeepers should join BeeBase - the National Bee Unit's registration scheme Read more

Spring Convention Feedback

Feedback from people who attended the 2019 BBKA Spring Convention Read more


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What the beekeepers say - 2019

BBKA Spring Convention attracts hundreds of visitors each year. We try and get meaningful feedback and here is some straight from the beekeepers mouths. Read more

BBKA Gift Shop

Buy through the gift shop to donate to BBKA Read more

Asian hornet Week 2019

This week is Asian hornet week. Click here to find more information about this invasive species and how to report it to the Government. Read more

BBKA Honey Show Judges

Contact list for Honey Show Judges Read more

Find wonderful beekeeping magazines on our shop

Our latest: 'Queen Rearing' helps those looking to improve their skills and knowledge of queen-rearing, lessening the need to import queens from abroad which can increase the risk of spreading diseases. Read more

Save the bees resources

Bees are facing a number of problems in the UK. Here are some ideas to enable you to act to help in whatever way you can. Read more

Swarm removal

Beekeepers are often approached about winged, flying creatures, especially in the spring and summer period, when they are their most active simply working and are no cause for alarm. We can only help if they are honeybees. Read more

Well done Heron Hill in Kendal!

We are so proud of this beekeeping school. Have a watch to get seriously inspired! Read more

Chelsea Flower Show Tickets

A HUGE thank you to McQueens for choosing us as their charity beneficiary for their honey bee themed celebration at Chelsea. Winner being announced on BBKA Facebook page right now! Read more

World Bee Day 2019

It's World Bee Day and the BBKA has renewed its call for people to plant for pollinators - we need that more than ever. Read more