Bailey Comb Change - Laminated Sheet


Read more

BBKA Medal


The perfect keepsake or to reward a Beekeeping achievement. Read more

Beehive Insulation


beehive insulation provides a protective shield reducing water/damp inside the hive Read more

Class Labels


These Class Labels can be used at Honey Shows. Read more

Honey for Sale Sign


A yellow sign to help boost your honey sales. Read more

Liquid Gold – DVD


Liquid Gold starts the story in spring with an overview of honey, its taste, colour and aroma, and how we use honey as a sweetener, in cooking and in other ways. Read more

Shook Swarm - Laminated Sheet


Shook Swarm - To get bees onto new comb. Read more

WARNING Sign – Live Bees


A polite and succinct sign warning visitors and trespassers alike that there are honey bees in the vicinity. Read more