We offer insurance cover within our policy that covers individual beekeepers, who are members of the BBKA (whether joining as individual members, or as registered or partner or junior members of their local association that is in turn a member of the BBKA).

The Public Liability Policy relates to beekeeping activities of those members noted above in the UK and has a £10,000,000 limit of liability.

A Members Liability Verification Certificate is available for members attending farmers markets etc., where proof of cover is required.

The Public Liability insurance also covers officers of branches and associations undertaking their activities in connection with their group.

In addition the insurance covers product liability up to £10,000,000. An overall limit of £25,000,000 applies to all claims under this policy in a policy year.

In addition to the above cover BBKA offers a policy to cover all risks insurance, primarily for branch and association apiary and other beekeeping equipment including trophies and display equipment. 

Further information about this policy can be obtained from Buckland Harvester ([email protected])

Jaqueline Dunn    0161 834 1884      [email protected]

Angela Corbo       0161 830 1289       [email protected]

Nikki Colcombe   0161 830 1290       [email protected]

David Hudson      0161 830 1281       [email protected]

Please click the link below for a downloadable copy of the Public Liability Insurance certificate:

Certificate of Insurance 2018/2019

Public and Product Liability Policy 2018/2019

Insurance Cover FAQS