Beekeeping and all its associated tasks give us a reason to slow down and take stock, inevitably leading to an increased sense of wellbeing. Seeing how hard the bees work and planting to increase forage, inspecting the hives and drawing and enjoying the honey are just a few reasons that their bees give beekeepers a heightened sense of calm and feeling of inner peace...

...and you can join them!

1. Get yourself a packet of wildflower seeds.

2. Take a photograph of yourself scattering them. 

3. Send us a photograph when they are in flower and tell us what type of bees have been visiting your greenspace. 

In doing so you could be providing the forage for your own honey if you are buying from a local honey producer (the bees can fly a radius of 3 miles from their hive so you will be able to work this out). You could be feeding the very bees that feed yourself! Perfect symbiosis - now there's a reason to Bee Cheerful!

Buy local

Another key way to support your local honeybees is by buying local honey. It makes beautiful cakes, marinades, medicinal drinks and syrups, and of course mead. Please contact your local association and they can put you in touch with a local producer in your area.