Adopt a Beehive

Become an armchair beekeeper and share in the hidden world of the honey bee.

Adopt a Beehive and help us to inform and educate people who may not be Beekeepers, but who are intrigued by the world of the honey bee and the habitats they need to survive and flourish. Thank you!
It's as easy as 1 2 3
1. Choose your preferred location
2. Select your preferred gift option
3. Add to basket and check out
You will receive a gift pack which includes 'Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee' - packed full of interesting information and honey bee facts, a jar of honey, a packet of wildflower seeds, postcards, Burts Bees lip balm and discount voucher.
We will then send you a copy of Hive Talk our seasonal newsletter and an update from your Adopt a Beehive beekeeper throughout the year, all for just £36 including pnp per annum. A great gift for anyone with an interest in honey bees and honey!

Order yours today and help us help the honey bee!