Adopt a Beehive in Northern Ireland

When you Adopt a Beehive in Northern Ireland you will receive seasonal updates from beekeepers  Michael and Vanessa with your copy of Hive Talk

Vanessa is that most special of beekeepers, voted Irish Honey Queen in 2012.  She has also achieved the status of Master Beekeeper, and is incredibly well qualified and knowledge on the subject of honey bees.  As a landscape gardener she also knows a thing or two about planting for honey bees, and she’d be happy to help you learn too as she welcomes visitors to her B&B in Northern Ireland.

Michael has been interested in beekeeping for many years, and currently keeps six hives in his rural garden, surrounded by grass crops, coppices and hedges – perfect foraging ground for his bees. An active member of his local beekeepers association, Michael is always up to date with the latest beekeeping news and best practice, with top tips for budding beekeepers.

You will receive a gift pack which includes ‘Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee’ – packed full of interesting information and honey bee facts, a jar of honey, a packet of wildflower seeds, postcards and Burts Bees lip balm.  We will then send you a copy of Hive Talk our seasonal newsletter and an update from your Adopt a Beehive beekeeper throughout the year.

We’ll despatch your welcome gift box as soon as possible so that you can sit back and enjoy your Armchair Beekeeping with Adopt a Beehive.