Advanced Queen Rearing Course - Stoneleigh, Warwickshire - New Date

The course is focused on the General Husbandry standard with the objective of each attendee being able to go home able to run their own queen rearing matched to their needs. It will not be prescriptive and will enable the attendees to make up their own mind about the method they would like to employ. It will not focus on grafting although it is a method that everyone should at least have tried at some point.

The course will be theory plus time in the apiary when different methods of queen rearing will be discussed and demonstrated.  There will also be several queen related manipulations again to the General Husbandry standard.

The lead tutor will be Sean Stephenson who has a lot of experience in queen raising and delivering courses.

Venue Location: Stoneleigh, Warwickshire 

Course Dates:     Saturday 21st August and Sunday 22nd August 2021

Course Fee:        £200.00 per person 

Participants must bring their own packed lunch

Maximum number of participants is 12

Please note that each course member at the end of the course will receive a mini-nuc but unfortunately it will not be populated with bees.