Beehive Insulation

Quality  beehive insulation offers winter protection is an economical & easy way to protect your colonies.

This easy to assemble this beehive insulation provides a protective shield reducing water/damp inside the hive. Moderates temperature swings inside the hive and protects from draughts. Temperature and moisture control can be the difference between life and death for weaker colonies. Insulation wrapping can make a huge difference to the survival and colony condition.

  • Long lasting – easy to remove and store
  • Water resistant
  • Pre cut pieces = quick and easy assembly
  • Protects from Rain & Damp
  • Protects from temperature Swings
  • Helps survival and colony condition
  • Fits National Beehive Brood Box and Super

Free delivery to UK only - please email us for orders overseas so we can inform you of postage costs