Liquid Gold – DVD

It’s all about Honey

Liquid Gold starts the story in spring with an overview of honey, its taste, colour and aroma, and how we use honey as a sweetener, in cooking and in other ways. It looks at early methods of honey collection, primitive hives and the development of the moveable frame hive and the Church’s historical requirements for wax.

Then on to honey bees and hives, bee communication by touch, smell and the waggle dance, who does what in the hive and some interesting bee and honey facts and figures. The importance of pollination to agriculture and mankind’s food security is stressed, together with a brief outline of how and why bees collect nectar and pollen. There follows a short section on how plants seduce bees by their colour, shape and patterns and how the bees need us as much as we need them, illustrated by wildflower meadows, gardens and agricultural crops.

There is an overview of honey, what it’s made of in some detail, its overall benefits to humans, how we ‘harvest’ it from the bees and extract it from the comb, filter and bottle it and how we use it. Pollination is explained in greater detail and how plants and bees have evolved together over millions of years to the benefit of humans.

Finally the film features the other useful hive products as a result of keeping bees, ranging from beeswax and Royal Jelly and propolis, to the modern culture of using bee venom in cosmetics.

Run Time Approx 36 minutes

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