Swarms - DVD

In comparison to the history of beekeeping, all methods of swarm control or swarm prevention are modern.  This DVD covers the main reasons for bees initiating the swarming process and easy ways of manipulating hives to reduce or control the natural swarming tendencies of managed bees.

Special Features

  • Why do honey bees swarm ?
  • How to prevent a colony swarming
  • Detailed shots of swarm prevention manipulations
  • How to spot swarm preparations in a colony

More detailed hive manipulations are discussed, featuring the well-known Pagden method of artificial swarm control, followed by combining colonies to reduce the swarming instinct of a large colony.

Classic swarm control techniques are shown in detail using the following:-

  • The Snelgrove method of swarm control
  • The Demaree swarm control
  • The Shook swarm method of swarm control

Running time: 57 minutes 21 seconds

You could use clips for a training meeting or to discuss during a winter evening meeting.

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