2017 Speakers List

Dr Stuart Andrews

Contact: [email protected]     
07973 690428
Location: Canterbury,
Kent Talks: The work of Bees Abroad, personal experiences gained in Uganda.
Fees: Donation to Bees Abroad.
Travel: Any distance or location considered.
Travel and hospitality arrangement: Overnight accommodation where appropriate; reasonable travel expenses.

Dr Fred Ayres

Contact: [email protected]                
01524 811978
Location: Lancaster.
Talks: Alternative approaches to beekeeping.
Fees: By arrangement.
Travel: Any distance will be considered. Travel and hospitality arrangement: By arrangement.

Keith Bartlem

Contact: [email protected]     
01845 565132 
Location: Bedale, North Yorkshire.
Talks: Thermoregulation of the honeybee. Flying with bees (contrast between bees and airplanes). Swarming.       Monarch or Republic, an introduction to queen cells.
Fees: Speaker fees go to Parkinsons.
Travel: Prepared to travel to North East. Travel and hospitality arrangement: Travel expenses.

Daniel Basterfield, NDB

Contact: [email protected]
01404 871600
Location: Sidmouth, Devon
Talks: Queen raising, swarm control, general management, reading bees, commercial beekeeping, honeybee behaviour, pests & diseases, etc. Full list available on request, any specific topic considered given sufficient notice.
Fees: £50 for a meeting, £100 for an all-day convention or conference.
Travel: Anywhere, preferably outside of the peak beekeeping season
Travel and hospitality arrangement: 40p/mile, overnight accommodation depending upon distance

Andrew Beer

Contact: [email protected]       
01525 240235 / 07968 277247
Location: Bucks.
Talks: All aspects of bees and the law.
Fees: Donation for Bees Abroad. Travel: Prepared to travel to England and Wales.
Travel and hospitality arrangement: Overnight accommodation where appropriate.

Dave Bonner

Master Beekeeper
Location: West Midlands.
Talks: Beekeeping in Uganda. Bee Disease. Hygiene and Husbandry. Beneficial effects of Bees and their products.     Swarm Management. Preparing Bees for winter. The work of Bees Abroad Charity
Fees: A donation towards petrol plus a donation to Bee Abroad, £50 suggested minimum.
Travel: Up to 75 miles radius from home. Travel and hospitality arrangement: To be agreed, based upon distance.

John Charlton 

Location: Cheshire.
Talks: Beekeeping in general. Recent history and changes. Hive Products - Mead, pollen, Propolis. Microscopy - Demonstrations and/or one day classes.  Available for non-beekeeping groups.
Fees: £25-£50 plus mileage.
Travel: Anywhere. Travel and hospitality arrangement: Overnight B&B if necessary.

Gerry Collins NDB

Contact: [email protected]      
(01302 539873)
Location: South Yorks.
Talks: The curse of the wax moth. Queens and things. What’s going on in my hive? Move your bees. Selection and queen rearing for the hobbiest beekeeper. What do I do about this? (Problems in beekeeping and some of their solutions). +lots of other talks available please contact Gerry to discuss.
Fees: £30 for evening beekeeping branch meeting, £50 all day beekeeping convention (£90 for 2 talks on the same day)
Travel: Anywhere. Travel and hospitality arrangement: £40 ppm

Brian Durk

Contact: [email protected]   
01452 698 654
Location: Gloucestershire.
Talks: Bees Abroad. Bees & Elephants. Queen rearing.
Fees: £50 plus expenses (negotiable).
Travel: Any distance will be considered. Travel and hospitality arrangement: Overnight accommodation depending on distance.

Nigel Fleming

Contact: [email protected]  
Location: Birmingham.
Talks: Beekeeping for those who contemplate becoming Beekeepers. Microscopy for Beekeepers and Mellisopalnyology. Beekeeping beginners to advance.
Travel: Prepared to travel. Travel and hospitality arrangement: Expenses required.

Dr Nikki Gammans 

Contact: [email protected]  
07545 171110
Location: Kent
Talks: Bumblebees (all areas included from ecology, ID through to gardening etc; introduction to solitary bees and can talk on hymenoptera in general).
Fees: Donation to the short-haired bumblebee project.
Travel: South-East (will travel further autumn/winter but expenses required).
Travel and hospitality arrangement: 45p a mile or reimbursement if on train.

John Goodwin

Contact: [email protected]  
Talks: Honey workshop (How to win rather than just compete). Wax workshop (preparation of wax for showing).  Honey tasting (differing honeys from around the world). Swarm management/collection and prevention of swarms. Fees: 
Travel and hospitality arrangement:

John Haverson

Contact: [email protected]    
01264 781609
Location: Hampshire.
Talks: Guidance for Beekeepers from Wild Honeybees. Chemical free beekeeping with the Warré hive. The Pros and Cons of swarming. The Plight of Bees.
Fees: £ 50 Travel: Any distance by arrangement. Travel and hospitality arrangement: 45p/mile or rail or air. Overnight accommodation for longer trips.

John Hendrie

Contact: [email protected]    
01732 833894
Location: Kent.
Talks: Practical & Scientific topics, the list is constantly changing.
Fees: By arrangement.
Travel: South East England and elsewhere by arrangement. Travel and hospitality arrangement: Overnight required for distances.

Dr Julia Hoggard 

Contact: [email protected]     
01539 560869 / 07570 583461
Location: Cumbria.
Talks: For talks please see www.BeeEd.org.uk 
Fees: £40 Travel: Any distance considered.
Travel and hospitality arrangement: 40p per mile. Overnight accommodation if travelling a long distance.

Pam Hunter

Master Beekeeper
Contact: [email protected]   
01403 864007 / 07974 925435
Location: Sussex.
Talks: Wide range of topics on biology and scientific aspects of bees, insects and plants. Evolution of insects and plants. Details of pollination by insects. The garden, forage and bees. Navigation and foraging. Nutrition and the colony.  Bees' senses. Pheromones, rape, swarms and historical aspects of bees and beekeeping. Happy to tailor talk as requested, given notice.
Travel: Any distance considered. BBKA Travel Allowance.
Travel and hospitality arrangement: Accommodation required for long distances. Refreshments appreciated before a talk.

Trisha Marlow 

Master Beekeeper
Contact: [email protected]  
07812 518822
Location: Shropshire.
Talks: Beekeeping in Africa. Colony cohesion. Colony nutrition. Any topic related to bee biology. Forage and plants. Bee husbandry. The work of Bees Abroad. Other - happy to develop what your members want to hear about.
Fees: Speaker fee to Bees Abroad.
Travel: UK and Eire.
Travel and hospitality arrangement: Mileage at BBKA rate, advanced train fare for distances (often less!). Overnight accommodation for evening talks at a distance (beekeeper or B&B). Meal appreciated.

Stephen Martin

Contact: [email protected]    
0161 295 2476
Location: Salford.
Talks: Hornets. Recognition. Varroa. DWV
Fees: £150 - goes into a fund to allow attendance at bee/social insect conferences.
Travel: Anywhere.
Travel and hospitality arrangement: Return rail travel.

Jean Mozley

Contact: [email protected]  
Location: Kent.
Talks: Swarm control. Queen introduction and how to store queens. How to make a living from your bees.
Fees: £40 fee plus travel costs. 
Travel: Anywhere in Kent.
Travel and hospitality arrangement:

Chris Park

Contact: [email protected]  
Location: Wilts
Talks: Skep Beekeeping. Skep Making. Log Hives. Beekeeping Folklore and Mythology. Mead, Metheglin and Magic. 'Honey Island' - Some Heritage of Honey in Britain. Making Mead & Traditional Honey Drinks. Honeybees in Art and Symbolism.
Fees: £ 80
Travel: Expenses. Any hospitality arrangements welcome.

Roger Patterson 

01403 790637 / 07976 306492
Location: Sussex.
Talks: Mainly practical beekeeping, talks, workshops and apiary demonstrations, including queen rearing/bee improvement. For extensive list please email or download list from Dave Cushman's website http://www.dave-cushman.net/bee/rogerpattersonlectures.html
Fees: No fee. See lecture list for expenses.
Travel: Anywhere.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: For long distances an evening meal and accommodation appreciated with beekeeper or farm B&B. My border collie Nell comes with me, but will sleep in the car.

Richard and/or Jane Ridler

Master Beekeeper
Contact: [email protected]        
07942 815753
Location: Essex 
Talks: Adventures in African Beekeeping. A Comparison Between Beekeeping Practice in U.K. and Africa.         Beekeeping in Africa and the Relief of Poverty. Fees: Just a generous donation to Bees Abroad.
Travel: Prepared to travel to East Anglia, London and Home Counties and elsewhere by arrangement.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: Just a generous donation to Bees Abroad.

David and Cecilia Rudland

Contact: [email protected]  
Location: South East.
Talks: Seasonal Management. Nucs and their Uses. Queen Rearing. Candle Making. Mead Making. Plants and Gardens for Bees. Marketing and the Bee Farmers Association Apprenticeship Scheme.
Fees: Talk fee £60 plus travel expenses.
Travel: Travel to anywhere is considered. Travel and hospitality arrangements: Travel expenses.

Robert (Bob) Smith

Contact: [email protected]  
Location: Kent
Talks: Pollen and nutrition. Botany & Microscopy. Varroa control without chemicals. Managing the workers.            The importance of bee space. And many others, please email for full current list.
Fees: £30 for local groups, £80 for County events.
Travel: 45p/mile or train at cost.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: If some distance, overnight accommodation either with a beekeeper or local B&B.

Will Steynor

Contact: [email protected]      
01364 72469 Location: Devon.
Talks: Beekeeping as a profitable sideline. Time saving inventions for the practical beekeeper. Making beeswax candles using glass moulds.
Fees: By arrangement.
Travel: Any distance considered.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: By arrangement. 

Brigit Strawbridge

Contact: [email protected]     
07974 809135
Location: North Dorset.
Talks: Bumblebees and solitary bees: their life cycles and behaviour, their importance as pollinators, the reasons for their decline and what we can do to help them. Neonicotinoid pesticides.
Fees: Variable starting at £65 for a local talk.
Travel: 50 mile radius but anywhere by arrangement.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: 45p per mile plus overnight accommodation if some distance away.

Margaret Thomas NDB

Contact: [email protected]  
Location: Scotland.
Talks: Any, but can supply a list if required.
Fees: £60 a lecture.
Travel: Any.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: Travel mainly by train (have railcard). I live a 2 hour train ride north of both Edinburgh & Glasgow. Most train trips south take a full day. Car travel possible in northern counties. Prefer to be put up by beekeepers, but cheap B&B acceptable.

Jim Vivian-Griffiths

Contact: [email protected]      
01600 714428
Location: Monmouthshire.
Talks: A range of talks, practical & scientific - please email for list
Fees: £50 per talk
Travel: Any distance by arrangement.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: 40p per mile. Overnight accommodation appreciated if travelling a long distance

Andy Willis

Contact: [email protected]      
02380 327686
Location: Hants.
Talks: A variety of forage related and general beekeeping subjects also including cleaning wax and preparation for candles and how to win prizes at honey shows.  A full list of talk titles is available on request. 
Fees: £50
Travel: UK and Eire.
Travel and hospitality arrangements: 40 pence per mile travel from Southampton plus ferry, & tolls.  If travel over 100 miles appreciate a meal, over 200 miles accommodation for two.

Dr Gerry Brierley

Contact: [email protected]   
01483 211612 / 07891 534264
Location: Guildford, Surrey
Talks: Medicinal Apitherapy, featuring the use of bee venom for many chronic symptoms and diseases such as Lyme Disease.
Fees: £75. £25 of which will be donated to the Bee Mission Bus, which is dedicated to providing bee venom therapy, saving lives of those who suffer with Lyme Disease.
Travel: Any distance Considered Travel and hospitality arrangement: For car, 45p per mile, air or rail reimbursement, overnight accommodation where appropriate.