Resources for Asian hornet week

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This is a link to a PDF for an Asian Hornet banner we designed in the office and have used at the Asian hornet conference in 2020. This is shown below. You can use the pdf to have your own banner printed by downloading it to your computer and then uploading it to this website. Banners are in the region of £30/40 pounds - (other websites are available!)

PDF file of the latest banner

You can also report an Asian Hornet via an online form

BBKA YouTube Channel will have videos during the week to share

Including a message from BBKA Patron Jimmy Doherty

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The Asian Hornet Watch app can be downloaded for free for Android via Google Play and for iOS via iTunes.
Find out more about the Asian Hornet here

Press release sent out to Area Association and Branch Secretaries as well as AHT officers

Subject: 2020-08-19 Asian Hornet week 7-13 September 20 and Press Release

Press Release PDF

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Asian Hornet Week  

Another great idea we have heard of from Tavistock BKA is that some of their members are taking a stall at a local market to advertise and promote Asian Hornet Week.  If you want to do the same and need to show a Public Liability insurance certificate to the organisers, it can be downloaded from the website:

Public Liability Insurance

Defra Blog


Fera Training: Asian Hornet Biology

Fera Training: Asian Hornet Genetics

Other Resources you might find useful

Big Wasp Survey ID chart

Video ID for wasps