Local Associations

Throughout England there are over 75 local area associations who serve their local community with support and education.

Our national network is covered by both Regional and Local Associations who offer support to both the community and individual beekeepers. The majority offer beekeeping experiences and training courses, support local events and sell local honey. Each area offers something unique to their area as well as swarm collection.

Whether you are in Northumberland or the Isle of Wight there is a network of support. They will all be able to help you on your way to becoming a successful beekeeper.

If you would like to find out what's on offer in your area, please find links through to our local associations in the map listings below. (The bee represents your postcode you have entered) Click on the closest red pin for the information you need - you may need to zoom the map out to find one in your area.

Local Associations (Member Associations of BBKA)

Most of the activities beekeepers enjoy are run at local associations. These include; lectures, open-air summer apiary meetings, courses, parties, quizzes, auctions, etc. Members of these associations pay subscriptions which gives them a voice and a vote in their association affairs. From the subscription, a capitation fee is paid annually to the BBKA and those combined fees are the only reliable income received by the national body.