The tide begins to turn on the beekeeping season and it is already time to start thinking about preparing for the late season and beyond. Read more


This can be another especially busy month. Watch out – many colonies can still be primed for swarming when we get a few warm days. Read more


May is always a busy month! A spell of warmer weather may well result in colonies looking to swarm. Read more


Evenings are getting longer and another season is underway, but the weather can be very variable this month. Read more


Losses can be high this month. Stores can become depleted if left unchecked. Winter bees are increasingly dying off now and are, hopefully, being replaced. Read more


Not a lot has changed since January except that the queen is likely to be laying again now. The brood area can be small although this can vary with the harshness of the winter and your location. Read more


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