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We support the nations beekeepers and in turn the honey bees of the UK in ensuring their future in our environment.

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Pesticide Alerts


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Swarm removal

Beekeepers are often approached about winged, flying creatures, especially in the spring and summer period, when they are their most active simply working and are no cause for alarm.


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Adopt a Beehive

Honey bees need your help! Do you want to help honey bees without getting your hands sticky? Adopt A Beehive with the BBKA and you will be supporting vital research into honey bee health, and education into good bee husbandry.




  • Fundraise at school

    Make donation deposits and tell us about your bee celebration days here! Read more



    As part of our vision we are developing plans to revamp our Apiary with the intention to become a flagship learning centre for local schoolchildren and community groups. Read more


  • Bees in Art - Technology

    We are now welcoming submissions for our 2018 Bees in Art competition. The theme this year is 'Technology.' Read more

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  • New BBKA Forum

    We have a new forum for beekeepers and anyone interested in beekeeping Read more

  • "To my daughter I bequeath two stalles"

    In the 16th Century beehives or skeps were also known as 'stalles' and could be included in a labourers inventory to be given to his daughter on his death. What regional or ancient words do you use in your beekeeping? - the Oxford English Dictionary really wants to know! Read more

  • Tracking Asian Hornets using Radio Telemetry

    A study published in Communications Biology may herald a 'step change' in attempts to track Asian Hornets back to their nests. Scientists at University of Exeter have shown that by placing a small chip on captured hornet and using radio telemetry to track it they can find previously undetected nests and destroy them. Read more

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