Gardening for bees

We could all do more to plant our gardens for our hungry honeybees.



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Author: Claire Hartry

Project: Bees in Schools

Bees should be in every school in the UK! That's our mission anyway. Can you help?


Author: Claire Hartry

Save the Bees

Honeybees face several threats from climate change to loss of forage to the use of pesticides and pests and diseases. We need your help to finance research into how we can combat these threats.


Author: Claire Hartry

Target amount: £100,000.00

Amount raised: £516.01



  • Apiary and Education

    We currently use our Apiary only 10 - 12 days maximum throughout the year to conduct beekeeping exams and assessments. It will become a visitor centre to teach as many people as possible about the magic of bees and pollinators and we need help to achieve it. Read more

Honey Bee News

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  • Winter Colony Survival Survey 2019/20

    The BBKA's Winter Colony Survival Survey 2019/20 is on the website. Gives us all a picture of your winter losses and why and takes just a few minutes to complete. Read more

  • Bee Exams CANCELLED!

    URGENT UPDATE! The BBKA Exam Board has decided to cancel all bee exams until further notice. This means that the exams on March 21st WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. Applications and exam fees will be honoured up until March 2021. Read more

  • First Asian Hornet Conference Held

    The BBKA’s first Asian hornet conference was held on Saturday 8th February 2020 at Myton school in Warwick. Anne Rowberry, chair of the BBKA organised the event. Read more

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