Gardening for bees

With the National Pollinators Strategy in full swing we could all do more to plant our gardens in optimisation for our hungry honeybees.



Project: Bees in Schools

Bees should be in every school in the UK! That's our mission anyway. Can you help?


Author: Claire Hartry

Swarm removal

Beekeepers are often approached about winged, flying creatures, especially in the spring and summer period, when they are their most active simply working and are no cause for alarm. We can only help if they are honeybees.



Save the Bees

Bees are facing a number of problems in the UK. Here are some ideas to enable you to act to help in whatever way you can.


Author: Claire Hartry

Target amount: £100,000.00

Amount raised: £20.40



  • Apiary and Education

    We currently use our Apiary only 10 - 12 days maximum throughout the year to conduct beekeeping exams and assessments. It will become a visitor centre to teach as many people as possible about the magic of bees and pollinators and we need help to achieve it. Read more

Asian Hornet

  • Identifying Asian Hornet

    Become a citizen scientist and learn how to identify this invasive species that is a threat to UK honeybees Read more

Spring Convention

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  • Asian Hornet found in Ashford in Kent

    An Asian Hornet has been found and captured in Ashford in Kent. This is the third confirmed sighting in 2019. Read more

  • Asian hornet and nest located & destroyed in Staffordshire

    An Asian Hornet nest was located in Staffordshire as a result of a sighting by a member of the public on Sunday 2nd Sept. The nest has now been destroyed Read more

  • Bees Needs Week

    One of the world's most famous shopping destinations in London, Carnaby Street will be renamed Carnabee Street for Bees Needs Week this year 8-14 July on now! Read more

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