Help BBKA raise funds for our new schools learning Apiary which will be a live resource for learning about the environment and pollinators

Filmed by fridaysky :


Our offices in Stoneleigh provide the perfect location for our new visitor centre as we are in the heart of England and can welcome visitors from all over the UK. Children will come with their school classes and learn about bees and mini-beasts and food security and have a live bee display with one of our beekeepers.

Lots of children get ‘bitten by the bug’ this way and with their interest in beekeeping awakened, will return to it in later years. It’s imperative we train a new generation too as the average age of a beekeeper in the UK is 65.

What your donations have paid for

The paths around the area have been laid out and the base of the cabin has been installed. The building is expected to go up shortly. 

A viewing platform has been created and raised beds are in place.  The pond has been dug and lined and surrounded by fencing. 

And there is a bridge over one end of the pond. 


The bog garden has now been planted.


There is a bee cell shaped tunnel which will be covered with plants attractive to bees.

There is a viewing area for the hives.

Work will start soon on a wooden bee bole to hold a straw basket used for beekeeping called a skep which will be along the wall at the side of the site.


Alongside all the fantastic work outside...

We will make a shared learning space in our hall, and change the access route to make space for larger groups. We will also have new disabled toilets installed. 

With all this in place we will be able to teach different groups (but particularly school children) about our messages about the importance of bees, issues around food security and the fragility of our environment.


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