Help BBKA raise funds for our new schools learning Apiary which will be a live resource for learning about the environment and pollinators

Our plans include

  • a wildlife pond for frogs and newts and as a source of water for the bees

  • complete redesign of planting to include maximum forage throughout as much of the year as possible 

  • accessible for the elderly and those in wheelchairs

  • sensory garden

  • building with a glass or Perspex panel so those either allergic to, or scared of bees, can still see them up close

Alongside all this fantastic work outside...

We will welcome schools and community groups onsite and make a shared learning space of our hall. We will change the access route to larger groups and have disabled toilets installed.

With this in place we will be in better stead to teach all sorts of different groups about the importance of bees, food security and the environment.