Asian Hornet Week

In preparation for the Asian Hornet Week, 10th - 16th September, all beekeepers, Asian Hornet Action Teams (AHAT) and local BKAs could prepare by being able to identify an Asian Hornet and reading the Asian Hornet Guidance Notes that are available on the BBKA websiteRead more

Project: Bees in Schools

Our aim is to get bees in the curriculum onto the website for schools members to be able to enjoy in the next academic year, term 1.Read more

Kids - 7-15 years

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Kids - 7 and under

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IMYB 2018

The International Meeting of Young Beekeepers (IMYB) took place in France at the beginning of July, here is an overview to inspire any youngsters thinking of applying next year.Read more

ADM 2019

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Policies and Procedure

BBKA risk assessments for observation hives,Read more

10 Favourite Flowers to attract Honey Bees

ten favourite flowers for small gardens to attract honey bees.Read more

Honey Bee Swarms

Honey bee swarmsRead more

Leaflets Available to download or purchase

Leaflets available to purchase or downloadRead more

Wasp and Hornet traps

News from the Government about the best traps to help catch and identify Asian Hornets over the coming seasonRead more

GDPR Privacy Policy

This is the initial draft of the BBKA's new GDPR data privacy statement. It outlines what data we collect, why we collect it, how we use it and the rights of the data owner.Read more

Terms of use BBKA website

These are the terms and conditions relating to use of the website whether as a guest or registered user.Read more

Asian Hornet Action Teams

Assets for the AHATs and news on where training will be heldRead more

Code of Conduct: Facebook Group Users

Code of conduct for contributors and moderators of the BBKA's Facebook group pageRead more

Collecting a Swarm

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BBKA Spring Convention 2018 Exhibitor Directory

Exhibitors with a presence at 2018 Spring ConRead more

The Asian Hornet

If you suspect you have sighted an Asian Hornet please find more information here about what to do next!Read more

RSS Feeds

A page to list the main RSS Feeds on the siteRead more

Members' Equipment

BBKA members can get their equipment insured with Buckland HarvesterRead more

Media Pack

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