A collection of resources to assist Associations in engaging their local community to prevent the establishment of the Asian hornet in the UK. Includes press release, templates for letters, posters and ID sheets, PowerPoint and safety guidance for the public.

Asian Hornet Features Graphic
NNSS Alert Poster

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Fact Sheet

Risk Assessment
Safety Guidance

How to Track Leaflet

Help Letter Template
Letter to MPs Template

Email Template
Press Release

PowerPoint presentation - this is held on Google Drive due to the file size.

This information is also available on BBKA Learning Online:  https://learning.bbka.org.uk/course/view.php?id=69

Articles about Asian Hornets which can be used by Associations to engage their local communities:

Informal article suitable for parish magazines, community newsletters, social media feeds etc.

More formal article suitable for businesses, groups and and organisations to post on their websites.

These can be personalised by Associations and edited or adjusted as required as long as there is no change to the more detailed aspects about Asian Hornet behaviour, diet, stats, and impacts on Jersey.