London Beekeepers' Association

Artwork designed by Lucie Chaumeton.  

The A4 version prints as a poster or leaflet and the square version is good for social media.
London Beekeepers Association would like this artwork shared with as many people as possible.
Simply hover over the image, right click and choose 'save as'.


  PDF File

Isle of Wight Beekeepers' Association

Asian Hornet Graphics

Harrogate & Ripon Beekeepers' Association

MP Letter Template to urge action from the government about Asian Hornets.

Warwickshire Beekeepers' Association

The following resources have been kindly shared by Colin White:

Example of an 'Outreach Database' to help focus effort and follow up.  Also includes examples of outreach messages.

Copy of an article written for the RSPB website.

Wallet cards artwork which can be used at a local printers or it can be cheaper to order via Vistaprint who often have special offers.  10,000 cards can be printed for approximately £220.

    PDF File

Short year end presentation for branch members which covers:

    Asian Hornet Sightings in 2023
    Outreach campaign:   Call for Support and Wallet Cards/Posters

PowerPoint File

Surrey Beekeepers' Association

Asian Hornet Awareness Communications Plan kindly shared by Jonathan Brookhouse.

Somerset Beekeepers' Association

Local Council letter template together with a briefing paper about Asian Hornets kindly provided by Nick Potts.

Newcastle Beekeepers' Association

'The Hornet' Special Issue produced by Ian Campbell.

  PDF File


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  PDF File     PDF File

Halifax & District BKA

Halifax and District BKA are enjoying a fantastic partnership with a local brewery, which has seen them create a new honey beer through which they're actively promoting Asian hornet awareness. This includes the design and creation of labels and beer mats.

  PDF File          Credit: Mark Welsby at Runaway Brewery