We have investigated a number of publicity and advertising ideas for helping to spread the message about Asian Hornet and increase public awareness.

This page contains useful information but it is not a direct recommendation for any of the companies listed. There are other companies that offer similar services.  We are simply sharing information for the benefit of Associations.

Registered charities may be exempt from VAT for certain types of advertising.  Please check the HMRC website for further information.

Advertising on the Back of Buses

Transport Media: 0208 108 4984 
Media Agency Group:  0208 003 2932

For best coverage they suggest adverting on 20% of buses in any particular area and they normally offer a 4 week minimum period.

As an example:  if there are a total of 1,000 buses operating in an area then advertising on 20% would be 200 buses at an average cost of £95 per bus.  This price can vary and they do offer special deals to fill any gaps at quieter times.
Price also includes printing and installation.

Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution

0345 266 0858

For each postcode sector of 3,000 or less addresses the cost is £200 + VAT for an A4 or A5 one page leaflet.

As an example: Dover CT16 has 3 postcode sectors with over 9,000 addresses so the cost would be £658 + VAT.

There is a website with an interactive map which calculates the cost:  www.dropaleaflet.royalmail.com.  Click on 'create a new campaign', add item details and it then takes you to an interactive map where you can add specific postcodes.  It will then calculate the number of addresses and give a cost.

TV Advertising

There are a number of companies offering TV advertising - this is just a couple we have found. 
You will need to contact the company directly for specific details and prices.

TVadvertising.co.uk:   0800 133 7104    [email protected]

They offer starter packages for a 30 second advert:

   £20,000   350 ad spots over a 1 - 4 week period
   £35,000   700 ad spots over a 1 - 4 week period
   £50,000   1,000 ad spots over a 1 - 4 week period

These prices include making the advert and putting it on the television.

Advice for an initial advert:   Use existing video footage
                                                   Focus on graphics
                                                   Use images instead of video
                                                   Basic script and voiceover

Further information is available on their website.

TV Advertising Agency:   0207 3890876      [email protected] 

Time of day, length of advert, regionality, channel, seasonality and demand all affect the cost of TV advertising.  Cost to advertise on Sky is generally lower.

Further information is available on their website.  

Bus Stop Advertising

J C Decaux:   0207 298 8000    https://www.jcdecaux.co.uk/ 

Contact:    Elena Squillaci    [email protected]

Paper and digital advertising options.  Digital more expensive.
Minimum period of 2 weeks but can be longer especially with paper if there is no advert booked to replace it.
Can include QR codes on adverts.
Minimum spend of £5,000 - cost can be shared by two adjoining associations if order placed as one booking.
Discounted rates for charities and they can put together a package for a specific budget.
Also cover shopping centres and train stations.

As an example: 
The south coast counties can be covered by the following options:

Option 1:  Mix of paper and digital small formats, 2 week campaign covering 80 sites.   Production:  £538 + VAT    Media:  £20,000 + VAT
Option 2:  Paper small formats, 2 week campaign covering 70 sites.  Production:  £754 + VAT    Media:  £10,000 + VAT

Cinema Advertising

Digital Cinema Media:  0207 534 6363       [email protected]          https://www.dcm.co.uk/ 

DCM can provide tailored prices based on the following criteria:

   Region to be covered
   Length of copy (normally 30 seconds)
   Target demographic - all audiences or target audiences such as young adults, families etc.
   Date to go live

Production costs are set at approximately £4,000. 
A full weight costing for the South East for 13 weeks starting in March 2024 is approximately £170,000.  This covers the maximum number of admissions you can buy but it can be adjusted down by changing the criteria. 
They are happy to work to a specific budget.

Roundabout Advertising

Marketing Force:  01394 672467    [email protected] 
C P Media:  01422 322255      [email protected] 

Many councils offer advertising on roundabouts on major routes.
Prices range from £200 - £450 +VAT per month depending on location.
Usually a minimum period of 12 months payable as a lump sum or by monthly instalments.
Artwork, production and installation costs normally included in the price.

Lamppost Banners

Again, many councils offer advertising on lampposts on major routes.

Bay Media:   0208 343 2525     www.baymedia.co.uk        Only cover certain areas.

Rates are dependent on number of banners and for how long (2 - 52 weeks).  Essentially the more banners you have over a longer period the cheaper per week it works out to be.  Rates include print production, media fee, installation and removal.

As an example:
Portsmouth - rate per banner for first 2 weeks £229 + VAT and follow-on rate per banner per 2 weeks £149 + VAT

Package prices:
3 months - £400 + VAT per banner (minimum of 2 banners)
6 months - £550 + VAT per banner (minimum of 2 banners)

A further discount can be applied for 5 or more banners.

Other companies:

Root One Advertising
The Ark Media

Radio Advertising:

A very rough indication of prices: a week-long campaign that uses a 30 second ad (minus production costs) could cost anything from: £500 on a local station, £2,500 on a regional station and upwards from £10,000 on a national station.

Things to consider:     Reach or number of listeners
                                    Number of slots per day
                                    Length of advert – normally 30 seconds
                                    Time of day

Talk-ups or co-promotions where the presenters talk about a product/service are also very effective.

Script needs to be good as it is not visual.

There are a number of companies who offer radio advertising:

C N S Media
Radio Centre

Digital Audio Advertising

Advertising where people stream content on devices such as mobile phones, tablets or smart speakers.   This includes listening to a favourite radio station, streaming music or enjoying a podcast.  There is generally a very high number of impressions available in a targeted area and listeners very rarely click away from an ad.  Can target specific areas.

As an example:

Target audience - adults aged 18+
500,000 impressions
£18 per 1,000 impressions (CPT)
Duration - 4 weeks
Media  £9,000 + Creative £750 + VAT

Root One Advertising         [email protected] 

Petrol Pump Advertising

Indication of costs for advertising on fuel nozzles:

Average No. of Nozzles
per Forecourt
Average Transactions
per Forecourt
Cost per Forecourt for
4 week period
Roadside Forecourts
(Esso, BP, Murco, Jet, Texaco)
16 16,000 £350 - £470 + VAT
Supermarket Forecouts
(Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons)
30 48,000 £560 - £650 + VAT
Motorway 50 150,000 £730 + VAT

Prices are normally inclusive of printing and installation.

Root One Advertising
T M H Media

Beer Mats

Beer mats with life-size graphic of Asian Hornet on one side and reporting details on the reverse. 
Speak to a local brewery to see if they can help with cost of printing and distribution to their outlets.

As an example:  beer mats are available via Solopress.com from 4½p each plus VAT.

Car/Window Stickers

Available from Vistaprint:  https://www.vistaprint.co.uk/search?query=car%20stickers 

Also available from Stickershop:  https://www.stickershop.co.uk/collections/car-window-stickers 

Local Council:

Ask if they can include an Asian Hornet leaflet when they send out the annual Council Tax letters.
Ask about advertising on bin lorries.
Display posters and leaflets in libraries - this is normally a free service.
Ask about advertising in hackney carriages.
Ask about any other advertising opportunities they may offer.

Details of companies who offer a variety of different options:

C P Media

This company offer a variety of different advertising options covering different areas of the country:

   Boundary/Welcome Signs
   Digital Screens
   Lamppost Banners
   Car Park Posters
   Bus and Tram

Further details available in their Inventory Pack.

Contact:   Lisa Bentley   [email protected] 

TMH Media

Full service advertising agency:
GP Surgeries
Petrol Pumps

Also have a designated digital and social media team.

Contact:  Lucy Bareham      [email protected]

Root One Advertising

Lamppost Banners
Petrol Pumps
Radio & Digital Audio
Leaflet Distribution
All 'out of home' advertising

Contact:  Phil Cowley       [email protected]

Banner photo:  Dave Heaton