Winter Planting for Bees

Winter does not seem a good time to be talking about flowers and bees but on warmer days, when the sun shines, our bees will come out and fly round close to their hives. At this time they really appreciate some flowers to sip nectar from and it gives us a great deal of pleasure to see them. Read more

Autumn Planting for Bees

As we move into Autumn honey bees will go on foraging as long as there is something to collect and the weather is sufficiently favourable. In our gardens we can still provide them with some food. Read more

Summer Planting for Bees

After the bustling activity of Spring, colony growth and the excitement of swarming preparations, we turn our thoughts to Summer. Read more

Spring Planting for Bees

Spring flowers provide the pollen which is vital for the growth of a honey bee colony, the establishment of bumblebee nests and the provisioning of wild bee nests. Read more