BBKA PowerPoint Presentation for Educating the Public

  PowerPoint File

BBKA PowerPoint Presentation

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BBKA Yellow-Legged Asian Hornet Information Film

Thanks to Spike Productions and the Guernsey Government for their assistance in producing this film.

'How To Track Asian Hornets' Instruction Leaflet written for the BBKA by Sarah Bunker

   PDF File

'Asian Hornet Monitoring & Trapping'
Guidance leaflet written for the BBKA by Alan Baxter, Sarah Bunker and Chloe Underwood

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Asian Hornet Fact Sheet

A simple crib sheet with easy at-a-glance facts which can be sent out to different groups or used for media interviews.

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AH Year Planner from January 2024 BBKA News

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Press Releases

Bus Advertising Campaign Press Release

Asian Hornet Week Press Release

Colouring Sheet

Photo of asian hornet colouring sheet   PDF File