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Thank you for your application to join the BBKA as a direct member. Read more

Thank you for joining the BBKA

Thank you for joining the BBKA as a direct member Read more

Become a member of the BBKA

How to become a member of the BBKA Read more

Past Spring Convention Programmes

The BBKA Spring Convention is an annual event. The past programmes are available to download and enjoy! Read more

Honeybee Swarms

A collection of photos of honeybee swarms. Some photos of beautiful honeybees in swarms. It is hoped this page will help the public recognise honeybee swarms and then use the swarm map to find a beekeeper to collect the honeybees! Read more

Questions for beekeepers

This page will have a new question every month. Bookmark this page and come back regularly to take part in our questions Read more

Swarm removal

Beekeepers are often approached about winged, flying creatures, especially in the spring and summer period, when they are their most active simply working and are no cause for alarm. We can only help if they are honeybees. Read more

Honey Recipes

Honey recipes for you to try out! Why not share your photos with us of your attempts at these recipes. Read more

What bee is this?

What bee is this? Pictures of the bumblebees and solitary bees often mistaken for honeybees. Easy ways to identify them. Read more

Asian hornet team

A page explaining about the exercise AHT team members are required to take to check that they have the skills to ID Asian hornets and know what they are legally allowed to do. Read more

Tending Hives during Covid-19

Bees are livestock and must be tended says BBKA chair Anne Rowberry who is working with Defra. See latest statement here. Read more

Swarm Collection during Covid-19

The swarm collection service will still operate during the pandemic. You must take account though of social distancing. Read more

Reduced office hours

The BBKA office is offering a much-reduced service due to the Covid -19 pandemic. For more information click here. Read more

Spring Convention Videos

Many of you have asked for videos of the lectures you would have seen at the Spring Convention. Prof Tom Seeley has sent three, they have all been sponsored by C.B. Dennis Trust & Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers. Read more

BBKA information on social distancing guidelines

Social distancing guidelinesĀ  and ideas and support for Area Associations and branches during the Coronavirus Pandemic Read more