Help British Beekeepers Association raise funds for research into the threats honeybees face 

Every year the British Beekeepers Association selects scientific projects from a wide range of subjects that benefit bees and beekeeping.  These might include bee behaviour, bee husbandry, pollination, forage or the environment. 

Grants are given to researchers on a rolling basis throughout the year - that way if someone has a particularly brilliant idea they do not have to wait until they can apply they can do it straight away.

Current research

We are currently supporting the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology who have started analysing honey samples to monitor how the pollen content of honey varies  & which plants & trees honeybees favour. 

We have given funds to Sussex University to create a national database of plant/pollinator interactions which will record which plants support all pollinators including honeybees. 

The University of Reading is testing for heavy metals in pollen and nectar and hopes to develop a monitoring system for heavy metals from this research. 

We are also backing Poshbee which aims to support healthy bee populations, sustainable beekeeping and pollination across Europe. It is a 5 year project (2018-2023) with 42 partners from 14 European countries, including UK

Find out more

These are just a few of the fascinating studies we are supporting with your help. Any funds you can give will be helping our honeybees in a very real way!

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