Friday 21 October 2022 

Happy National Honey Day! BBKA President Anne Rowberry went to London yesterday and presented a jar of honey to the King. 

She presented herself to security at the side entrance to Buckingham Palace and asked if she could take her jar of honey in? After explaining who she was one of the security team decided to call the office and was told to admit her. She met a member of the King's household who assured her that the Head of Household would make sure the jar, along with a short note about National Honey Day, was on King Charles III's breakfast table in the morning. 

As Anne exited the palace, the police officer, who had tried to send her away, explained that in 23 years nobody except her had been allowed to give their gift to staff. 

Anne then went to the House of Commons to present another jar of honey to her constituency MP Wera Hobhouse. 

She was still in question time so we toured the halls and even went through the tunnel to Westminster to find areas to take a photo. Whilst returning through the tunnel, just outside where the MPs were debating we learnt that our PM had resigned, a very confused atmosphere was apparent and obviously all the MPs were inside the chamber

Anne managed to give the jar to a member of Wera's team and she later posted a nice pic of her holding it outside the Houses of Parliament.  

So a fruitful and historic trip to London for our President - we hope our new King enjoyed his honey today and the fact that it is our very first National Honey Day!