Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT)

The BBKA is fully supporting Devon Beekeepers who have formed an Asian Hornet Action Team and given details of how other BKA's can do the same. 

Here is a link to the Asian Hornet Action Team website:

The National Bee Unit (NBU) has offered training in the tracking methods the inspectors use which will take place at the BBKA HQ at Stoneleigh or by arrangement at different regional centres. 

You can find the Devon Asian Hornet Guidance Protocols here -
Keep checking this page for further updates on training etc 

Why you might like to register your AHAT as a Local Action Group?

On the Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) website, there is information about their Local Action Groups
An AHAT can submit details to apply to become a Local Action Group (LAG) 
Once accepted as a LAG the NNSS offers a toolkit, which some groups might find useful. 

Things to take with you on Asian Hornet hunt

Judith Norman, of Torbay AHAT team, has shared the following list of things to take on an Asian Hornet hunt - you can also read her blog here:
Suterra bait (plus sugar syrup for later top ups if needed)
Bowls, kitchen paper or tissues
Water to rinse hands in case of spillage
Marker pens
Queen catcher 
Stop watch
Maps, preferably very large scale
Radio (to announce to watchers further along when hornet departs so they can spot route)
Compass to record flight direction
Chair or stool
Sun hat (avoid perfumed sun screen)
Drinking water