Dinah Sweet died at home on 30th March 2020.

She did not want a funeral and that was going to be difficult anyway with the Covid pandemic restrictions that had just been announced. John, her husband planned a celebration, an idea that Dinah was happy with; it was to be garden party for when the pandemic would be over. A year later and a meeting together to celebrate Dinah’s life is still not possible.

So, John has decided to go with a Celebratory Website and has just set up dinahsweet.com. John would be delighted if those of you who knew Dinah, could post any photos or comments on this website.     

One of Dinah’s last pieces of work was completing the BBKA Special issue Practical Mead Making, available here.

"As an experienced  Master beekeeper, Dinah willingly passed on her skills and wrote many articles helping beekeepers advance their knowledge. She was a well known and appreciated Seasonal Bee Inspector in South Wales where she lived with her husband, John.

Dinah ran workshops at the Spring Convention encouraging exhibitors at all levels and giving helpful tips on how to improve. As a Honey Judge she gave willingly of her time at the National Honey Show and inspired others with her exhibits. Dinah also worked with Bees for Development delivering workshops in Trinidad for Honey Judges and was the author of many articles in BBKA News and of the Special Edition on Mead. Dinah will be warmly remembered by so many beekeepers as a positive person always willing to share her knowledge and encourage others. She was lovely person who will be sadly missed."

Anne Rowberry BBKA