A very quiet and private man, Edward started beekeeping as a schoolboy during the war in 1942.  Has been a member of Ormskirk & Croston for all of those 79 years.

He was the mainstay of Ormskirk & Croston Branch for many of those years. A committee member for most of the time being serving as Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. He also spent many years as a member of the Lancashire and Northwest Central Council, being the Education Officer, he organised the convention & honey show, representing us nationally on various committees. Most recently, he was our County representative at Beecraft/Wax Chandlers forums.

During meetings Edward used to sit quietly and would usually end the discussion with a “pearl” of wisdom.

A very practical beekeeper, he never wore a bee suit, always with his famous bowler hat and veil!  In earlier times most of our bees were not so friendly, Edwards’s advice was “give the bees a good smoking through the entrance, leave for 5 minutes then open up”. After closing up the hive “don’t forget to put the brick back on the roof”

With much lower branch numbers meetings were held at member’s homes, usually a hive inspection followed by a guest speaker. Much more of a social event, Sunday afternoon, sitting on a bale of hay listening to a lecture with tea, cake and sandwiches.

Very much a gentleman he will be missed by all who knew him.

Ray Dowson

                                                                                   Edward receiving his long service beekeeping certificate at the BBKA ADM at Stoneleigh