bee foraging borage

Please find Sarah Holdsworth's full article about the impact of different cultivars and hybrid clones, explaining how to identify them from their names, and how to choose the perfect plants for your garden here

Printable list for perfect bee friendly plants

Whether we use our green space for pleasure or as a vegetable plot, we can all enjoy the rewards of planting for bees

It doesn't matter if your garden is a balcony, allotment, window box, hanging basket, pots and tubs or a swathe of green open space, we can all provide honey bees and other insect pollinators with a banquet of pollen and nectar throughout the year.   

By planting the right type of plants and trees, we provide a larder for honey bees and other pollinators, habitats for wildlife and, in addition, pollination by bees provides food for us and other wildlife from birds to insects. So, by planting for bees, everyone is a winner.

Our BBKA leaflet Ten favourite flowers to attract Honey Bees which you can print at home is available above.

For the keen gardeners and the scientifically minded, please see the excellently researched BBKA Special Issue on Flower Families for Forage