BBKA has been tasked with some actions relating to the authenticity of imported honey at the 2022 BBKA Annual Delegates Meeting 

Two propositions addressing the increasing problem of Adulterated Honey were passed in this year's ADM. The BBKA Executive has set up a working group to pursue the objectives of the propositions.

The Group has already written to the Prime Minister and The Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to get action to reduce the importation of ‘false honey’. 

The BBKA is also pushing for the labelling of blended honey to require a listing of the country of origin and the proportions of the blend.

On another front the BBKA has written in support of a researcher who has applied for funding within a multinational project working on the problem of Honey adulteration.

The BBKA executive takes the ADM propositions very seriously. Updates will be published if any more actions become possible. If you, as an Association or as an individual beekeeper, are requested to do something in support of the propositions please help. It is only by joint effort that governments are persuaded to do something. 

The group has undertaken several tasks and are in the process of pursuing other aspects of the Directions given at the ADM by our members.

We are working in collaboration with the Honey Authenticity Network (HAN) UK.

The Prime Minister and The Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have received letters asking for action concerning adulterated Honey and the labelling of Honey to reflect the country of origin and the percentage of the Honey from each of these countries.

We are working with a beekeeper who has a link with a Senior Parliamentary Researcher at the House of Commons and intends to ask a sympathetic MP to ask a question in parliament. Members of the group are working to formulate suggested questions. A briefing document is also being prepared.

The group has produced a banner to display at the Spring Convention and other designs that will be available on the website. Our members will be able to download the artwork for the banner and also the posters so that they can be used at local honey shows.

We have leaflets shared by HAN that are being adapted to reflect statistics concerning the British honey market that will also be available for Area Associations to download.

The group is keen to promote LOCAL honey. We would like to suggest a British Honey Day.  The proposal is for a ‘Honey’ day to be held in October near the National Honey show.

There are more ideas concerning publicity that will be shared at a later date and we will be asking all our beekeepers to share in these.

 Honey Labelling Petition page

Anne Rowberry