Selection Day CANCELLED

February 2020 - Message from Simon Cavill

11th International Meeting of Young Beekeepers (IMYB) - Ivancna Gorica, Slovenia, 6th - 10th July 2020

I’m contacting those that have expressed an interest in attending our IMYB selection day on the 28th March 2020. It will take place at the BBKA HQ in Stoneleigh from 10am to about 3pm and participants will need a packed lunch and their clean beesuits, gloves etc. After an initial presentation about the IMYB, parents will be asked to leave their charges with us so that we can get on with the selection process which consists of a variety of group and individual exercises under the supervision on myself and Serena Watts, an experienced teacher. We will hopefully inspect some live bees or work on a training hive if the weather is against us. The selection process will finish around 3pm and we will announce those who have been selected before you leave.  Those selected will be expected to attend a couple of preparation events to provide further training

This event is for those interested in both the 2020 event in Slovenia as well as finding out more about future events such as IMYB 2021 in Russia and beyond. To that end any child over 10 with a keen interest in beekeeping is very welcome to attend and find out more about this life-changing event. Participants wanting to attend the IMYB in 2020 will need to be aged between 12-16.

This year the organisers are expecting teams from 35-40 countries to attend from all over the world.  There is a website with basic information on the event and we are looking to select 3 young beekeepers to form the English team.  Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland will also be sending teams and we may well travel together to and from the event.

Pictures from the 2019 event in Slovakia can be seen here. 

IMPORTANT – Please let us know if you are intending to come to the event – we need to know the candidates’ names and ages and any allergies and other information you think we should know.

Please also pass this onto any other young beekeepers that you think might want to attend.

Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

Kind regards

Simon Cavill
Tel: 07733 307123