Many schools now keep honey bees on site and have found them to have a huge impact on  pupils.

We strongly recommend that a school keeping bees becomes a member of the BBKA.  This means that a school employee needs to register as the contact with the local BBKA branch of beekeepers.  Find your local association here

Costs to join are in the region of £25 pa but this varies according to local club fees.

School membership includes a copy of BBKA News monthly magazine and free entry for pupils to take the Junior Beekeeping Certificate.  

The Junior Beekeeping Certificate is a lovely way to encourage children's interest in beekeeping but especially perhaps those children who struggle with academic subjects.  

Another benefit of joining a club is putting the school in touch with local beekeepers who may be able to help and mentor and provide advice.  Additionally beekeepers are sometimes able to visit the school and give lessons or take an assembly on beekeeping.