Monday 18 January 2021
More than 25,000 beekeepers are calling on the government to withdraw the derogation permitting the use of neonicotinoids on sugar beet and to allow no further breaches of the commitment to ban their use. 
The annual delegate meeting, held online on Saturday 16 January, backed a motion from Hampshire delegate John Lauwery who said "this is looking to be the thin of the wedge and if we can't stand up for pollinating insects and bees who can?" 
The BBKA Research Manager Pam Hunter said "The really worrying thing is that they have not only allowed a very nasty pesticide to be used but they are spraying off any flowers that come up near the treated fields saying they want to protect bees. This will cause huge environmental damage!"  
Michael Badger MBE, a former President of the BBKA, said the government had gone back on an agreement to discuss anything concerning bees with the BBKA.  
Delegates representing 25,019 members backed the proposition. Delegates representing 169 did not.

Fact Sheet on Neonicotinoids and Sugar beet, - Why the concern re derogation? Pam Hunter, January 2021