4 October 2019

An Asian Hornet nest has been found high up in an oak tree near Christchurch in Dorset and has been destroyed. More details on two other sightings in other parts of the country have been given.

In Christchurch surveillance is continuing.

Elsewhere, Defra says it's continuing to receive reports of sightings from lots of places and is appealing to everyone to be engaged and look for hornets on local forage sites such as ivy. It's this time of year, when leaves are falling, that well-hidden nests suddenly become visible. Please look up when you are out and about and report any nest you see whether active or abandoned by taking a picture and sending it to [email protected]

In Staffordshire near Tamworth where a nest was destroyed on 6 September it's been revealed that that one was also at the top of a tree. Surveillance continued after the destruction but there were no indications that a second nest was in the area. There is routine surveillance being carried out on the traps set up during the outbreak. 

In Kent a single Asian Hornet was seen foraging on fruit and confirmed but no further Asian Hornets have been trapped or seen. Again routine surveillance continues of the traps.