Wednesday 25 May 2022

A long service award for 50 years of beekeeping has been presented to Frank Bell of Newcastle and District Beekeepers Association (NDBKA).

The event took place on the 100th Anniversary event of NDBKA on Sunday 22 May at Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter. 

British Beekeepers Association Chair, Stephen Barnes, awarded the certificate at a private members evening event. 

Frank Bell, who is 86, joined NDBKA in 1971. He became Chairman of the Association and served for many years. During his time as Chairman he was instrumental in breeding local black bees, probably the first to do so in the Association. 

He keeps his bees in Jarrow, and still has a few colonies today, although he is no longer active within the Association. 

NDBKA applied for the certificate saying "it would be lovely to recognise his services to beekeeping during this NDBKA centenary year". 

How to apply for a Long Service Award

The British Beekeepers Association offers LSA 's for anyone with at least 40 years beekeeping and may do one for less years in special circumstances. 

Approximately 10-12 are awarded each year. 

The Secretary of the club can apply online using the form found here:

The office generally posts the certificate to the secretary so they can arrange an ‘awards ceremony’ at the club meeting.

There isn’t any vetting process for the certificates.  If the secretary applies with the relevant details we issue a certificate.