"There has been a sighting of an Asian Hornet in Bury, which was transported there from a farm in Lincoln. 

"The hornet was a Queen and was spotted but not captured and has flown free to start a nest and rear a new colony.

"Please can every beekeeper monitor the insects in their garden, allotment or hedgerows, it is best if you spend about 15 minutes or longer  looking at one area as insects can come and go quite frequently.

"If members use a monitoring trap, make sure it is not a killing trap, please check it daily, release the good insects after making sure that an Asian Hornet is not there.

How to identify Asian Hornet

"In Spring the preferred food is carbohydrates, so bait your trap accordingly but do remember not to use anything your own bees would eat.

"If you can identify the insects trapped it would help but if you cannot, take a photograph with your phone.

"If you do see an Asian Hornet on a hedgerow, again take a picture but make sure that you follow its flight path and make a note of the direction as Asian Hornets fly in a straight line from food to colony.

"Should you spot an Asian  hornet, please send photos to [email protected]  then call your bee inspector and alert your own branch committee so that we can extend the searches quickly. We cannot stress how dangerous these Hornets can be to our pollinating insects."  

Margaret Wilson, 

Chair of Trustees