Monday 24 Sept 2020

BBKA Chair, Anne Rowberry, says thanks for a successful Asian Hornet Week in which we have seen the first Asian Hornet nest of 2020 located and destroyed: 

"As we come to the end of a very successful BBKA Asian Hornet Week I hope you have enjoyed reading and viewing all the resources that have been available on the BBKA website and our social media channels. 

"I would like to thank our Patron, Jimmy Docherty, for supporting us and the NBU for sharing the launch of their new video and Rebecca Clarkson for liaising, sharing links with the NBU and helping to compile the programme. 

"We are also grateful to the researchers who contributed their photos, videos and experience. Peter Kennedy for the information about his recent research trip to Jersey to test the small, new radio tags and Prof Xesus Feas for sharing his work from Spain. Xesus started out week with an excellent video and continued to share short clips and photos. Thank you to Katy and Epping Forest BKA for linking the BBKA site to the main live video presentation. 

"We have received several contributions from far and wide. Robert Green shared videos and photos from Spain and thank you to Bob Hogge for keeping us updated and amused with his Asian Hornet "Pets at Home"!

"A special thanks to Diane Roberts and Diane Drinkwater who have worked so hard to ensure that everything is on our website and social media and is working well. And thank you to Leigh and the BBKA office staff for their help in answering calls and emails throughout the season.

"And, of course we can't miss out our "UNINVITED GUESTS", not welcome but choosing to show themselves on Wednesday in Gosport - the nest has now been located and destroyed. 

"A big Thank you has to go also to all our Asian Hornet Teams and the work they have been doing reacting to potential sightings and investigating possible nests. We still need you to keep vigilant, it is very important to detect any queens at this time of year. 

"There is still time to enter the Photo Competition for photos of wasps, hornets or their nests and any defences to stop them getting nto hives. 

"Thank you all again and I hope you enjoyed the week!"

Anne Rowberry, BBKA Chair 

You can find out more about Asian Hornets and how to Save the Bees