11 October 2018 

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State responsible for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity, Lord Gardiner, has written to BBKA President Margaret Murdin to thank the BBKA for raising awareness about Asian Hornets. 6 nests have been destroyed since 2016 and most were identified by vigilant beekeepers.

The letter also says Lord Gardiner is 'very encouraged' that some of our "most concerned members have initiated Asian Hornet Action Teams to help beekeepers take samples/photographs of hornets to enable the National Bee Unit (NBU) to act swiftly to deal with this pest."

The Minister points out that October is when any nests are reaching maturity and sending out foundress Queens to raise the next generation of hornets. This increase in activity as the leaves are falling off the trees should make their nests more prominent. 

Lord Gardiner says thanks for your continued vigilance and please pass on any sightings as quickly as possible to the NBU.