The British Beekeepers Association ( BBKA) has a new forum for members and anyone interested in asking a question about beekeeping. 

There is a general bee chat and a swarm tracker page on the site plus somewhere for young beekeepers to hang out. 
The forum has the same code of conduct as all our social media - you can find full details here but we expect everyone to be courteous and refrain from using derogatory language: 
So far there has been question about white ghost bees which turn out to be honeybees covered in the pollen from Himalayan Balsam plants. There is no doubt that the Balsam is flowering much earlier just like everything else this summer and the drought may mean there is not much nectar produced by the plants but honeybees are still working them. 
That lack of nectar production is also discussed along with advice to not take too much honey off at this stage as we are nowhere near closing up the hives for winter and if the dry conditions continue honeybees will eat more of their stores. 
So if you have a burning question about beekeeping get chatting! :