Nicky Campbell – Exam Secretary 

I am delighted to be taking up the post of Examination’s Secretary for BBKA. I have been a beekeeper for five years and keep between three and five colonies in suburban Sheffield. I am a member of Sheffield BKA where I have served on the committee as Chair and Event Secretary. I have taken three of the module exams and I loved the experience and would recommend them. I am really looking forward to being involved in the process of providing these amazing learning experiences to beekeepers. Previously I have worked as an Office Manager and administrator for a software company and hope my experience will be valuable in my new role. As well as beekeeping I am a keen cook and long distance runner, two things that often go hand in hand. The prize for honey cake at my local honey show continues to elude me though. I am looking forward to talking to many of you over the coming years. Especially if you have top tips for honey cake!.

Nicky Campbell