9th August 2021

Cleveland Beekeepers Association (CBKA) has set up a new observation hive in the Discovery Centre at Newham Grange Farm in Middlesbrough.

The bees are already hard at work giving visitors an up close insight into the lives of these fascinating creatures. 

Three of the Association's expert beekeepers will be on site every Friday at 2pm to inspect the hive and chat to visitors. 

The hive was previously situated in the Children's Room at the Dorman Museum from the 1960s before being donated to a CBKA member. 

Ian Peacock, Chair of the CBKA, said: "We often use mobile observation hives at show to engage people and encourage them to be more bee aware. 

"It's great that it's now found a permanent home at Newham Grange and will continue to fascinate and delight new visitors and bring back happy memories for a great many people who will remember it down the years."

Middlesbrough Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mieka Smiles said: "It's so important right now that we do all we can to support insects as they are under threat like never before.

"All of us can do our bit - and that's where amazing projects like the observation hive and organisations like the CBKA come into their own."

Cleveland Beekeepers have a booklet on observation hives available on their website for a small donation. https://clevelandbeekeepers.org.uk/